Simply put, with its decades of committed and active presence in travel trade, Mayapur Travel Seva is indisputably the most popular travel service provider in Sridham Mayapur.

Service is our foundation, experience our strength; etiquette is our architecture, and client satisfaction our goal.

Our mission is to serve devotees of Lord Krishna around the world by providing travel related services and simultaneously generate a strong financial backbone based on high ethics and Krishna conscious principles. Needless to say, we are glad to extend the same quality of service to one and all.

Brief History:

In the early nineties ISKCON Sri Mayapur did not have any travel service provider who could cater to the needs of thousands of devotees traveling from all over the world throughout the year, especially during Gaura Purnima festivals, when they would come to glorify Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu on His appearance day. A few people tried their hands to form something that could accomplish this challenging task but it was Mayapur Travel Seva that emerged as a lasting travel service provider.

Why we succeeded:

Most importantly, we had the blessings and direct instructions from our spiritual master and a number of well-wishing devotees. We carefully studied the needs and expectations of our clients and molded ourselves accordingly. Being in a so-called Indian village of early nineties, we had to work hard, with trying patience and against all odds, to bring Mayapur Travel Seva where it is today.

In 2002 we introduced Western Union Money Transfer service. This turned out to be one of the most wanted services here. Not only members of the ISKCON family but also local people from surrounding villages take advantage of this value added service.

Yet another service was added in the year 2007 when Mayapur Travel Seva tied up with a leading Foreign Exchange company of the world. Our straightforward offer of best foreign exchange rates in the area helped devotees and tourists alike end their search for the best bargain. We voluntarily decided to pull out from Forex business in 2009 in order to avoid unhealthy competition in the area as more Forex services emerged.

Despite other add-ons, our focus always remained on Travel. Small trips, big trips, holiday excursions, exotic adventures, triangle fares, Asia Pacific fares, Round The World tickets, travel by air, travel by train, land, sea, you name it. That is why, at the time of writing this, travel is a $7 TRILLION a year industry, and still growing.

However, the trend has changed. Most successful travel agencies are no longer the brick-and-mortar buildings, but the click-and-portal agencies. Starting with domestic flights within India we increased our online presence by introducing international ticketing.

In 2011, we introduced another much needed service for the community members and visiting devotees alike. Sri Mayapur Ventures, a sister concern of ours, launched various highspeed Internet packages to suit everyone’s need. With our committed support service we have been able to emerge as a preferred Internet service provider in this area.

Why business with Mayapur Travel Seva:

Mayapur Travel Seva is undoubtedly the most popular travel and tour operator in Sri Mayapur providing a host of unparalleled services and attractive packages for inbound and outbound traffic. With the experience of being in the industry for over two decades, we have easy access to great deals from many leading Airlines like Lufthansa, British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, KLM, Scandinavian Airlines, Emirates Airlines and others in Europe; United Airways, Delta Airlines, American Airlines, Continental airlines, and Northwest Airlines in North America; Varig and Lan Chile in South America; and Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Malaysian Airlines, Cathy Pacific in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. Needless to mention, we also business with other popular airlines like Air India, Air Asia, Aeroflot, Turkish Airlines, Kuwait airways, Gulf Air, Biman Bangladesh and other low cost airlines.

On the domestic front in India, we have 24×7 access to live inventories of Jet airways, Indian Airlines, Indigo, SpiceJet, Go Air, Vistara, and Air Asia. We accomplish this through online portal agreements with number of big players in the industry who proudly count us among their premier business partners.

Our expertise is in air travel, domestic as well as international. Starting from simple excursion tickets to the most complicated Round The World tickets, we comfortably handle all on a regular basis. We are connected with a number of reputed IATA travel agents all over India who take pleasure in having us as their channel partner or business associate in this ever growing industry.

A plan to launch affiliate programs where you can, not only enjoy cheap fares, but also earn great commissions when you direct new buyers to Mayapur Travel Seva, is in the pipeline. It’s all about sharing and growing together!

Located in the heart of ISKCON Sri Mayapur, our small but well equipped office, led by Bhadra Balaram das and Ahladini Radha devi dasi, at Sri Mayapur dham, is a house of excellence in travel related services under one roof. Our comprehensive services are executed with maximum efficiency taking into account every minute detail. Manned by professionals with years of expertise and devotional motivations, Mayapur Travel Seva offers personalized services to ensure complete client satisfaction to the Vaishnava community and public at large.

Hare Krishna